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Archery is a sport for all generations, from eight to eighty years old.

When you will place your very first arrow to the bow you shall encounter with more than a ten thousand years old tradition of your ancestors.

The Gradišnik farm is the place to go, if you are interested in archery. If you are beginner, you can borow the bow and arrows, learn about the basic and give archery a try.

When you’ve mastered the basics you can practice your skils at 3D Parcours. We offer a 3D Parcours set in the nearby woods, equipped with 3D targets - life size models of game animals (providing a real bow hunting experience).

Experience the passion and the feelings of your ancestors.

We recommend that you make reservations in advance on 041/526-699

Rent a bow with trainer           10,00 EUR/Person
Rent a bow and 3D Round      20,00 EUR/Person
3D Round (28 targets)            13,00 EUR/Person
3D Round – daily                    15,00 EUR/Person
Lost Arrow                                 8,00 EUR
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